Make Smart Fun – MANOVA International Limited (Hong Kong)

MANOVA International Limited was set up in 2001.  M.A. is originally the abbreviated name of the two founders and NOVA means a new star. Our founders and management are all famous native-born Hong Kong industrial designers. They have acquired design training in Hong Kong and UK, which have a profound effect on our R&D product.  Manova International Limited focuses on IT and smart phones’ gifts for retail and promotional purposes.  

IT & Smart Phones’ Gifts:

It believes that only good design and application can turn high technology into interesting elements in people's daily lives. The company's creations emphasize simplicity, innovation and user-friendliness.

Products range from Bluetooth speakers, flash drives, wireless mouse, USB hubs, webcams, pens with LED torch / laser pointer and combinations of such functions that carefully designed to bring convenience.  

OEM and ODM:

The factory plant produces well-designed products. It also provides contract development and manufacturing services:

    * Electronics Product Assembly and Sub-assembly

    * SMT PCBA mounting

    * USB Peripheral Products Design and Manufacturing

    * Consumer Electronics Prototyping and Manufacturing 

MANOVA International Limited has been providing dedicated service and products to their clients in global markets as Europe, America, Australia, Japan and the Middle East, etc., with reputation and credits around the world.  With over 10 years' oversea marketing experience, lays ourselves a deep foundation on international vision, keen sense of the trend and quality recognition.

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